Building Community.

Bland Cares provides financial and volunteer support to
non-profit organizations devoted to serving our community.

A Little History of Bland Cares Foundation

Bland started putting the wheels in motion on this project a year ago. “We saw that our firm was very involved individually with various charities throughout the Omaha area. In addition, we have quite a few millennials that work for us–one of great characteristics of that generation is that they are very charitable“.

“So we came up with an idea called the Bland Cares Foundation. I pitched the idea to a few of our employees and they loved the idea instantly. So over the course of the past year we laid out our strategic plan which consisted of our mission, our goals, how to get our employees involved, how we want to give back to the Omaha nonprofit community and how we want to market it.”

“The rest as they say, is “history”. Seriously though, we are really looking forward to the impact we can have (in a more formal way) on Omaha.”

–Jeremy Vokt, CPA, Shareholder


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